Thank You: My Fur Slippers.

Thank You Fur Slipper booty things.
You're the most comfortable thing I own.
You're there for me when I destroy my feet in heels,
Or when I'm breaking in new shoes.
You're warm in the winter,
And soft in the summer,
I've only had you for 5 months but I don't know what I'd do with out you.
You're the best!

This little beauts are from Next and they are seriously the best Christmas present I have ever received. I live in a little flat with my boyfriend and we NEVER turn the heating on in the winter because we're poor and would rather spend money on food and alcohol. So to fight off frost bite I've wrapped my self in copious amounts of blankets. This winter I had these and my feet are so grateful. If you ever find yourself with super cools tootsies I'd say invest in a pair of warm boots like there. They may not be your style (these are definitely not mine!!!) but you wont be able to live with out them.

Do you have something special to get you warm???