August Elle UK

It's my favourite time of the month, the first! Apart from the hideous amount of bills I have to pay I get a new issue of Elle UK through my door. Yeeeeay!

This months cover star is the ever gorgeous Katy Perry. And I have to say; she looks amazing. On the cover she is clean and toned down. I'm used to seeing her with crazy hair and styled as if a unicorn pooped it's rainbow poop all over her and whatever stuck she would wear. (No offence, I love a lot of the stuff Katy Perry wears, she's just seriously colourful!)

Katy's article mainly looks at the two men of her life, Russell Brand and John Legend. Which is a shame considering how many more levels to Katy there are. Katy describes herself as "the typical middle child". As a middle child (technically, as the older of the twins, I am a middle child) I can empathise with that. Always wanting to please those around you, desperate for attention and to be heard. Katy is definitely being heard, she's hard to ignore really. How could we ignore her in the past? Her amazing vocals and loud costumes were hard not to notice. 

I wish the article had asked her for more information when she said she was wanted to design underwear for larger chested women. Although I don't have much of a chest it would just be nice to know how far is she going with this? Is this actually in the works? COME ON ELLE!

Katy has clearly grown up after her divorce from Russell, who wouldn't grow up and get perspective on the world though? She confirms she's dating John Legend but doesn't divulge is how in love she is other than saying "he's that one I thought got away". I do like how she's ignoring the rumours and gossip of him being a total heartbreaker and I hope she doesn't get hurt by him. 

A big chunk of the article is finished by a replay of Katy's life. From when she started singing, to her countless attempts at making an album, to her marriage, to her current album. The same things that always get printed about Katy, shame. 

I'm excited for Katy's new album, I bet it's very grown up and dark. I hope it's similar, but more mature, than her first album. What do you think?