My Latest Obsession; Ninja Sex Party

If you haven't heard of Ninja Sex Party then I don't think we can be BFF's. They're like The Lonely Islands but more immature and with a ninja. Ninja's making everything cool.

I only recently stumbled across these totally awesome guys because of a show called Game Grumps that my boyfriend watches on all the time. Game Grumps is about two guys playing some video games and having fun weird conversations. At first I hated the show because I'm the type of person who cannot watch other play video games because I get so frustrated when they're clearly failing and it's so obvious to me. Anyone who like's video games a fun witty banter should just watch Game Grumps, it's hilarious. (Everyone needs to get over John leaving and embrace Danny, he's adorable, jewish and funny!!!)

The duo, Ninja Sex Party, are formed by two guys; Lead singer and self proclaimed "sex god" Danny Sexbang and Keyboard player Ninja Brian who hates everyone and will murder who ever he wants, deal with it. They're from New York, I think and are total nerds. (As if you couldn't tell just by looking at them.) I don't know a massive deal about their back round other than a friend introduced them and awesomeness was born.

Their music is upbeat and comical. They write songs about boners and sex that last for 3 minutes. They're clearly just two guys having a shit tone of fun and everyone can enjoy it with them.

My only dislike for this duo is Danny's shoes, I hope he doesn't seriously where those P.E teacher trainers all the time.

Ninja Sex Party are probably going to be repeated constantly on my itunes. I cannot stop laughing at the songs and they're also seriously catchy, give them a listen and let me know what you think. My favourites right now are "FYI I wanna F in your A" and "No Reason Boner", I'm seriously immature.

You can find all Ninja Sex Party stuff here; Youtube , Twitter and their website.


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