Guys! Why is no one more shocked and worried about Queen Bey's hair?! C'MON! get your priorities in the right place people!

I for one will not rest until I know that Beyonces glorious locks are safe and the fan in question has been destroyed.

Beyonce was going into the audience to sing Halo (she does this quite a lot and has never had her hair caught in anything before..?) She nailed the song even though she was inches away from being bald and was even able to laugh about the situation the next day by posting a fun picture of the lyrics of Halo changed so they were aimed at the fan.

By the way, I'm only reporting on this because a) I seriously love Beyonce and her voluptuous hair and b) I genuinely don't have any interest in the royal baby but that's the only news that seems the be happening this week. Also, the singer from Lady Antebellum had a baby and so did Penelope Cruz.