This Is The End: Review

Last night for a little date night, my boyfriend and I ventured out to Frankie and Bennys (super original, I know!) and then the cinema to see Seth Rogan and Evan Goldburg's film "This Is The End" and was not disappointed.

Firstly, I might spoil some shit for people so don't read if you're going to see it soon. But if you're like me and don't mind spoilers because hate surprise and stuff like that then please do carry on reading.

Secondly, if you don't like Seth Rogan then don't bother seeing this. He wrote, produced, directed and stared in this so it's going to be a lot of him.

Right. Lets get on with this.

Basically, all the celebrities in the film are playing an exaggerated version of themselves or playing up to the views and opinions that the public have of them. E.g. James Franco is a pretentious nerd, Danny McBride is annoying and no one wants to be his friend etc. It works and it kind of made me love them even more.

The plot moved along well, at no point was I thinking "HAWAY MAN! GET TO THE POINT!". I actually didn't want it to end. The ending made me want to see more of what the got up to after the "end of the world". In all fairness though I'm obsessed with Canadians, Jewish men and comedians and  four out six of the cast of this film had all of these 3 characteristics. I was in my own little heaven through out the 107 minutes of the film.

The celebrity cameo's in this film are brilliant, theres one cameo that had everyone in the theatre shocked and wetting themselves with laughter. After a quick neb on theres apparently one cameo that is on screen for a split second and so far no one has been able to spot who it is. That little fact is killing me. I. NEED. TO. KNOW! So if you find out let me know, pleeeeease!

One this that was a disapointment to me was Rihanna. Although she acted better than she did in that "not transformers" Michael Bay film, Battleship(?), she still wasn't brilliant. Her death scene really let her down. And Emma Watson. I'm not a fan of Emma Watson in general (Harry Potter isn't as brilliant as everyone desperately tries to force on me) so when she stepped in to fill the role that Mila Kunis had to pass on I a bit gutted. The role was clearly meant for Mila Kunis, Emma Watson just isn't 'spunky' enough for the role. Top marks for her effort though!

The biggest highlight, bar the actual end of the film (if and when you see it you will totally agree with me), was Michael Cera. He killed it as that overly drugged party goer. Everything from his brightly colour windbreaker to his slapping of Rihannas bum was so out of character and hilarious. It was a shame that he dies, he would have topped the ending off.

Overall I think everyone needs to see this. I have been waiting almost 18months for this film to be released and it was definitely worth the wait. Its worth the £7-10 you'd be paying to see it (unless you see it on a tuesday at empire cinemas where it's £3.75, then it's seriously worth it)