Beauty Wish List

October is a fabulous month. It's Autumn, it's Halloween, oh and its my birthday bitches.

With all birthdays and seasons we should try to update ourselves. Another year older, another fancy eye cream to test. I have 5 more years until I have to start being mature with styling myself. And, by the end of those 5 years, I hope to have found make up that I actually love wearing and will love being on my face. I'm nearly 23 and have only found three make up pieces that I have repeated bought. THREE! Out of a possible 20 that I tend to use. (Yes, I wear a lot of make. It's a vain attempt at giving myself confidence a boost. Judge me if you must.)

So heres so beauty products I quite fancy.

1. Nars, Sheer Glow Foundation, £30.50.
I've heard nothing but good things about this foundation. The fact that it says glow is whats attracting me. I want a glowing face. I want people to look at my chubby face and say; "awh, she has adorably, glow-y face!". At some point soon I hope to take the plunge and have a chat with the Nars girls.

2. Chanel, Rouge Allure Velvet, £25.
I got a sample of this not that long ago and have been in love with it ever since. I have funny lips and lipstick does not like hanging on them. This stayed put, for a full night with only touch ups because I was obsessed with it. MAC's Ruby Woo is quite similar, but hawaaaay! It's Chanel!

3. Smashbox, Halo Highlighting Wand, £25.
I can not explain to anyone enough how much I want my face to glow. I want to be one of those girls whose checks blind you when they catch the light and apparently this can achieve that look.

4. Clinique, 3-Step Introduction Kit, £20
I have annoying skin. Apparently its dry but to me it always feels oily. My pores are always visible except for the first ten minutes of putting my make up and then I look toes amaze. I used to use clinique products and was always happy with the result. Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't want my to be happy and I have to decide whether eating is better than having good skin. Ho-hum.

5. Clinique, Continuous Coverage, £22
I have a friend who used to suffer from the worst acne but no body ever knew because she wore this stuff. She has the nicest, clearest, skin I have ever seen (until she takes her make up off then she becomes a total Monet). I'd love to try this and see if it could actually cover up my freckles and dark circles. Maybe.