7 Fashion Trends I Can't Deal With

I've study fashion since high school. From textiles to Fashion Design and now Fashion Journalism at university. In all my years of studying fashion and immersing myself in it's world I've found there are several things I seriously cannot get on board with. I just genuinely don't get some of it. Is it just me? Am I the weird one? Am I just seriously unfashionable that it all just goes over my head?

So here's a little list of my most hated things in "fashion":

1. Floral Headbands:
Seriously, like seriously. Why does anyone put these on their heads and think "YES! I am rocking the shit out of this!" I've never seen a floral headband that suited anyone, not even the Jenner girls can get away with the trend.

2. Short Shorts:
I work in a bar and occasionally we have bands play and with those bands comes young girls and with young, underage girls comes short-shorts. I do not need to see underage, flat arse cheeks. And the girls who are of age tend to have a slight bit of vajayjay hanging out of them shorts and it's not attractive, at all. Also, this is Newcastle, not somewhere hot, you can't get away with them as easily here.

3. Toms:
My sister introduced me to this trend and it looked okay on girls, like I could almost deal with it. But on boys?! And their gross hairy feet? No. Just no. I don't care how comfortable they are or how they don't make your feet sweet, it's gross!!

4. Disco Pants as day wear:
They are super shiny trousers. They look ridiculous with casual clothes. Yes, even with your super awesome nikes they look ridiculous. Save them for the evening and wear them with some nice chelsea boots and shirt or something that the kids these days are wearing.

5. Crop Tops:
As if skinny girls needed a new reason to show of their flat stomachs. Be as skinny as you want, I don't want to see your belly button. And then theres the girls who aren't skinny, god bless you girls and your courage. I'm a firm believer that you can wear what you want if you've got the confidence. That being said, no your size. Wear a crop top with a high waisted mini skirt is completely different to wearing a crop top with your rolls hanging over your jeans.

6. Vintage clothes:
I love a good vintage bag, in fact I have a few vintage designer bags, but vintage dresses and shoes and hats etc. No. Keep your dead person clothes to yourself, thank you very much. This one is just me though. If it's your style to travel back in time and wear old clothes then thats your choice, but don't brag to me about like I've ever given a shit or shown any interest.

7. Socks and Sandal:
When did this come into fashion? Why did it come into fashion? Who ok'd this trend???

Let me know most hated fashion trends!