I Drew Me But Really Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Me

So for one of my uni modules I have to make a 20 page magazine. My magazine is a fashion magazine for girls who also like gaming-ish. It's got a very comic book meets minimalistic feel to it. It's not as game based as I wanted but I'm totally working on it.

Anyway, in magazines there are editors letters pages and for my editors page I thought it was looking bare and decided to "cartoonize" myself. I'm not sure if it's fully working with the magazine really but I'm pretty proud of it.

Theres a a lot more that I could do with this, like a lot more detail could be added. But in all honesty I like it like this. I'm not brilliant on photoshop and this is probably the best thing I've ever created from scratch.

Tell me what you think. Do you have any tips for photoshop?