My Monochrome Home

I live with my darling boyfriend who has no taste what so ever and literally only has one opinion when it comes to home deco; "I don't care what you buy as long as it's black." So when I've attempted to decorate my completely yellow flat* I've just bought black or white things. 
Untitled #12

Untitled #12 by annabelbradford featuring standing picture frames

I genuinely have the TV stand and it's brilliant. It's filled with vintage and new games consoles with games and a few dvds. We've got a NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, XBOX Original, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and a dream cast all crammed in there. There also my boyfriends favourite games (Every Zelda game possible and Metal Gear Solid) displayed loving on the top. Oh! And I've also got a tv and a printer there.

The coffee table is my most recent purchase. It was something we didn't even know we wanted but we now can't live without. I kind of want a colour-block rug to go under it but I know that wont happen because a) I'm skint and b) Stubs wont appreciate it.

I have the white frame in my bedroom. It's an awkward size, like a regular photograph is too small for it which is annoying. It's currently got a photograph of me and my twin sister on our last day of high school.

I've also got those black candles in the bedroom inside glass jars with silver shards of glass at the bottom. In my head they look sooooo chic, in reality they probably look super tacky and everyone hates them. WHATEVER ITS MY CANDLE

The candle sticks are on living rooms window sill with massive white candles on top. There is literally nothing holding the candles on, no spikes to attach them or anything. This terrifies me as I'm on the 2nd floor of our building and my street is always windy for some shitty reason and what if I open my windows and knock the candles over and kill me? (most likely damage themselves and thats about it.) Other wise they look amazing!

Those pillows are from society6 and I want them. I want almost all the cushions on that website but they're super pricey and I'm a student. But They would look sooooo good thrown on my living room floor as my boyfriend will hate them on the sofa and find them uncomfortable. 

I don't know where that plant is from but I'm dying to get some plants in here. I've lived here for four years and I've only just started decorating and some plants would really liven this joint up!

What are ideal home decoration themes? Are there any colours you must have in your home?
Let me know!

*No i'm not lying, everything is yellow. Yellow carpet, yellow walls, yellow bathroom, yellow sofa and yellow lamps. Its a weird beige yellow so it's "neutral".