New Things!

I recently had a couple of events to attend (Grandma's 75th birthday and a friends 24th) and I knew I needed to up date my bag situation. 
I have an obsession with bags, I always have and I always will. I have any number of bags that I could use but I always seems to go for the same Black studded Urban Outfitters bag that I've had for about two years. 

So I was in Primark the other day and I actually found something I liked. I rarely find anything I actually like at Primark, I usually just get basic things I might need and thats it. But for the first time ever I found something that I'm in love with. This little box-bag:

(excuse my awful fake tan!)

It's honestly the nicest thing I've ever found at Primark. I usually opt for just black bags with some detail on. If you know me then you know black is my everything. 

It's pretty small so it can't be used as an every day bag but it's perfect for nights out when I basically only carry keys, money and lipstick. 

The geometric print is so eye catching and the gold trim and clasp really makes this bag so nice! If I didn't have to work all the time I'd totally be using this bag every moment.

Well done Primark!