The Hoppings: Newcastle

Every year the Hoppings comes to Newcastle (except last year when it went to Sunderland and no one went to it) and I have never been. Every year I beg someone to take me but everyone is usually busy or doesn't have a spare £30 to waste, which is fair enough. 

This year I managed to convince my best friends to go with me and I had the best time (except when I cried on one ride...).

Firstly, if you don't know what the Hoppings is, it's a bunch of different fairs that come together and create a giant fair. This means theres a lot of the same ride. There was at least three different ghost trains, four merry-go-rounds etc. It doesn't matter, it just means theres less cues.

So I only went on about three rides. This is because I know someone who go thrown off one ride and had to go to hospital (you can read about Corey here). Anyway, I went on something I'm gonna call the Magic Mouse? It looks like a childs roller coster. Honestly, it looked easy and fun but it was actually quite scary. It had a lot of ups and downs and spins. It was jerky but fun. My friend Sophie kept saying it was terrifying and I didn't believe her but after going on it I completely get what she means.

We also did a ghost train, which wasn't scary but was hilarious just because of how cheesy it was. We saw a ghost train further down that probably would have been more fun because of the man in the mask and the water gun. 

The final ride I went on was horrific! I'm terrified of heights. I get so scared of them that when I played Uncharted I had to take constant breaks and remind myself I was on the floor and not really in the game. I can't even watch certain parts of TV shows and Films because they have heights. (Sherlock jumping off the roof of that building was one of the hardest thing I've watched).

The ride was, in my words, "a claw thing that spin and goes upside down", it didn't look that bad just high. I was cursing myself as soon as I got on this ride. My friend next to me kept telling me that her seat didn't lock in properly which didn't help me in any way. I honestly didn't think it was that bad when I was watching from the ground, but being on it was completely different. After a certain amount of time being flipped round and round the ride held you at the top and slowly spun so you got a nice view of Newcastle, it would have been a great photo opportunity had I not been crying at how high it really was. The worst part I would say was when the man said over the speakers "WHO WANTS ANOTHER GO?!" and the ride started again. I was begging him to let me off. I didn't want to go again. It was a further 10 minutes before the ride finally stopped and I made my way off, shaking. there was no where to sit down so I had to walk around gently crying and shaking like something serious had happened when in reality I was just terrified and felt like I had the worst hang over. Just check out the video of the ride to see why it was scary. 


Two of my friends went on the bungee jump ride and said it was the best ride they've ever been on, even though it did cost £12.50.

A lot of our money went on winning prizes. I came home with a knock off minion and a giant rubix cube. My friend Sophie came home with like 8 different teddies and then had her boyfriend go back with her the next day to win her more. We all managed to win something and we ate a lot of food and mini donuts.

Even though I cried and nearly died on one ride I can still say I had the best time with some of the best people.