No hair, kinda care.

I finally did it, I finally chopped off all the dead hair I had. Nearly a foot of hair has gone. I'm almost sure that I'm supposed to feel liberated and free but I don't. I actually feel a little self conscious. I'd happily take a better picture but I honestly don't feel like I suit it. My face is way to chubby for this look. 

It will probably grow on but by that point it'll will have probably grown out. 

On the plus side it feels healthy. It definitely looks thicker, thats a massive plus to me as I've always had thin, fine hair that I've spent years trying to thicken up (spoiler alert: nothing works!). It's definitely nice not constantly finding knots in my hair and having to keep brushing it whenever I want to do something with it. And when I wash it I bet it dries pretty quick.

hmmmmmmmm x