So just over a week ago my other half bought home a PS4. Just what we needed, another console to add to the already over crowded media centre we have, excellent.

Anyway, with his PS4 he got the game Second Son: Infamous free with it. He wasn't into the game and therefore had me play it. I wasn't really into it either mind, but I'm a bar tender with a horrific sleeping pattern and needed something to entertain me.

(Not actual cover but looks good)

First thoughts on this game; it's like Saints Row 4 but not quite as annoying. Likes Saints Row four a lot of what you do is very fantasy based and unrealistic. There's no weird aliens and you can't edit your character like Saints Row but the two games feel very similar.

You play as Delsin Rowe, a young man who likes graffiti and being a general rebel. He shakes hands with a "conduit" and shit hits the fan. You suddenly develop a "smoke" power. (FYI, smoke power is the lamest power through out the game). After you have your smoke power you and your brother set on on a journey to rescue your friends and the reservation (honestly, i'm not sure what kind of reservation this is or why you live there, maybe I wasn't paying attention?).

Your main enemy and reasoning for everything is Augustine. She has a cement power, which you eventually get but will never use after the final battle because why the fuck would you when you've completed the game?

Through out the game you get four different powers; Smoke (sucks), Neon (the best), Video (Ok) and Cement (meh). The Neon is the best power for getting around the game fast and, depending on whether you want to be good or bad, it's useful. The Video power is decent t for flying and the bombs are faster than the other powers.

I played this game as a good character, I'm too nice a person to intentionally hurt people even if they aren't real. Theres no real perk to playing as a good person, people cheer your name and love you and stuff so it's a bit of an ego boost. I might play it as an evil person at some point and see how much it really changes. No matter which way you play the game you get the chance to do lots of spray painting. You can choose to do good or evil spray painting and there are some prompts on the screen (you get to hold the control like a reeeeeeal graffiti artist... whoop). I wasn't a fan of the spray paint simply because the controller makes an annoying spray can noise when you shake it and the style of the painting you do is too banksy.

The feel of the game can be a bit janky. The climbing was frustrating, it wouldn't grab some obvious ledges and I ended up just button mashing until he got to where I wanted. I was sooooo happy when I got the neon power and could just run up walls and bypass actually holding on to shit. The neon running power is the only one that was unlimited. The hovering move with each power ran out quickly as well as any "flying" power you got which was a shame but obviously he's not a bird so flying was always going to be limited.

I got kind of creeped out by the faces that Delsin pulls. He rarely blinds and always has his weirdly straight teeth on show. I also hate his clothes and lame tattoo, but thats just a personal hatred for beanies and bad tattoos. Event the female character, Fetch, made me uncomfortable with her teeth. The people at Sucker Punch really haven't looked at teeth.

(I don't know what the number is... thanks google)

A lot of the game is just repeating what you've already done. You chase three people in the same way. You get your powers in the same way. You make each district safe the same way. In each district of the game you're just repeating the same things over and over again, there really isn't any variance which is a shame. It would be great if you had to fight the bosses in different ways but honestly I was just fighting each boss in the same way.

I did enjoy the game but it was like a lot of other games that are out there. I'd recommend it if you've got nothing else to do on your PS4, which right now there really isn't anything good until next year (UNCHARTED FOUR ANYONE?!).