#WCW Hailey Baldwin

I'm honestly obsessed with this girl. She's 17 and a Baldwin*, how are more people not crushing on her?

She's obviously a model and hangs around with the likes of Kendal and Kylie Jenner as well as bunch of other almost famous young people that I'm too old to know of.

I wish I was 17 with super famous family so I could have an instagram full of beautiful selfies and have fans for literally doing nothing. I'm 23 and I work like a dog just to make ends meet and my instagram has nothing of interest on it. I would do anything to spend my days chilling out and only worrying about how good my make up looks.  These girls have no idea!

Seriously though, them lips!

*If you aren't into Baldwin's then you're clearly not a 90s child and we may not be able to be friends.