#FASHIONFIXFRIDAY - Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

If your not obsessed with the television show Orange Is The New Black then you need to drop everything you're doing now right now and dedicate at least four days to Netflixing both series right now!

If you are obsessed with it then now you can show off your love of the show by wearing as much orange as possible. It also helps that orange is a strong trend for the summer. Fashion labels from DKNY to Jenny Packman to Rag and Bone are all adding touches of orange to their designs and it looks amazing.

You can add a pop of orange to your look with anything from accessories to shoes to your make up with lipstick like this Illamasqua matte lipstick in Flare. Or you can super adventureous and wear a lot of orange like this dress from Inlovewithfashion.com. 

This is a trend I am totally on board with. I rarely like wearing anything other than black but every now and again a flash of colour is needed. Orange is great! It's warm and eye catching. It can be easy to wear depending on how daring you want to be. Go hard or go chill, its up to you.

Let me know how you'd wear this bold colour trend in the comments.