Monochrome wishlist

A whole bunch of shit that I want in my life. Oh money, where art for thou?


want by annabelbradford featuring matte makeup

Black, White and Grey are the staple colours of my life. They're brilliant and no amount of colour pops and pastels will replace them. Whenever I slightly venture away from these colours I will always find my way back to them. They're comfortable but risqué, safe but sexy, casual but smart, they're everything!

I'm not fashionable for myself, mainly because I just don't have the confidence to wear certain clothes. When I wear monochrome colours I feel like I can become fashionable, or at least seem fashionable in my head. If I try to experiment with colours or patterns I just don't feel like myself and that I'm trying to hard to be fashionable. Weird, huh?

So, what colour or colours could you not live with out?