yoga - a new adventure


Today I'm feeling mellow and relaxed. I've finished 1 and a half of my essays and I still have two weeks before I got back to uni to finish off my second year, go me.

So in my mellow mood I felt a need to breathe. Like yoga breathe and stuff.

I've always been interested in yoga but I've been rather intimidated by it. Its always super skinny woman who drink herbal drinks and wear crochet clothes. I've always felt these women would judge me if I turned up to one of their classes and attempted some moves with them.

(This will never ever ever ever be me....EVER!)

I've tried it in the past, a few poses from magazines and a couple videos on youtube but I've always wanted to try it in person and have someone actually tell me if my posture is right or if my breathing technique is correct.

Unfortunately I live in an area where yoga is for gym members only so it looks like I'll be sticking to youtube for now and so far here is my favourite yoga video I've found is:

Adriene's yoga videos are fun. She doesn't take everything seriously and she wont get too mad if you don't get everything correct just as long as your trying and listening to your body. 

She also kind of reminds me of Lizzy Caplan and Katy Perry put together for some strange reason.

So now I've found a yoga instructor I like lets get this show on the road and work on getting fit for the dreaded summer.

Nooooow, all I need to do is find the perfect yoga fashion... DUH!

What are your thoughts?